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Workout Advice for Students Who Want to Look Their Best

Workout Advice for Students Who Want to Look Their Best

Everyone wants to look great and feel healthy, but not everyone wants to have the physique of a WWE wrestler. For most college students, the desired body is simply one that looks great on the beach or while on holiday. That is why we put together this workout guide for college students, it is all about getting toned and healthy but not about bulking up.

No matter where you are at in your fitness journey, these tips will help you get a healthy and toned body that you will be proud to show off during the school year and the summer. Plus, you can apply them to your workout routine even after you leave school and begin to make your way in the world.



Like most industries, the fitness industry is always coming out with new diets, exercise routines, and fitness equipment, but there is no shame in sticking to the basics. You will want to make the most of your time, especially with the busy class and social schedules that come with being a college student. So, stick to some basic strength moves the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. There are a few varieties of these basic moves that you can rotate between to keep yourself from getting bored, but if you work on these three things, you will have a good-looking body come summer. Make sure you get some advice from a gym staff member if you are unfamiliar with these moves.


Don’t Forget the Cardio

Most college students have a diet that is less than ideal. It usually involves a lot of fast food, minerals, sugary drinks and alcohol. All things with high-calorie contents and low nutritional values. That is why cardio is going to be of the utmost importance. Avoid a beer belly with regular cardio sessions, a run around campus or on the treadmill is a good start. The weights will get you toned, but you need the cardio to keep off the fat. Cardio is one of the simplest things to add into your routine, it can be as easy as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking at the farthest end of the lot, just think of all the ways you can add a little extra cardio exercise into your day!


Six-Packs Are for More Than Just Beer

So, you’ve got your arms and legs looking good from the squats and the bench presses, you’ve whittled away your waistline with the cardio, now it is time to focus on turning those abs into a six-pack. Core strength does not only look great while lounging shirtless by the pool or wearing a cute crop top in class, but it is also good for your back. Long hours hunched over the laptop working on papers is terrible for the posture and can lead to a backache. Combat it with a really great ab workout. The more reps the better when it comes to the abs, and it is okay to work them out every day unlike some of the other muscle groups.

No matter where you go to school, you can develop a great training programme. Our staff members at Planet Health love to help build workouts for college students just like you. Plus, the earlier you can start a healthy lifestyle routine, the easier it is to make it a lifelong practice. You will look great and feel great, even if most of your diet is beef burgers and energy drinks (which we definitely don’t recommend!) So before it is time for the school holidays or beach week, start your workout regimen!