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F.I.T.T. Exercise Programs for a Beginner

F.I.T.T. Exercise Programs for a Beginner

F.I.T.T. Exercise Programs for a Beginner

It might seem a bit overwhelming to step into the gym if you don’t have a lot of exercise experience, but the truth is, people do it every single day. Not knowing where to start is entirely normal. You might wonder what kind of exercises you should do and for how long to get the benefits you want without injuring yourself. 

Setting up a workout program is a significant first step that may make you more comfortable inside the local fitness club. Trying a F.I.T.T. program can be the easiest option, and it’s sure to help you reach your goals. 

What the F.I.T.T. Principle Is

The F.I.T.T. principles involve setting up a workout program for strength training, cardio, or both. The principle lets you make changes to your workout as needed to progress to higher fitness levels and keep things exciting. Below are the elements of F.I.T.T. and how to work with each of them. 

  • Frequency – This is how often you exercise. It might be doing cardio three times a week and strength training the other tree times or whatever else works for your situation. As time passes, you can make the cardio workouts longer and more intense.
  • Intensity – This is all about how hard you are working. While beginning, a moderate-intensity cardio workout is going to be your focus. However, as you get better at exercise, you can ramp up the intensity level to meet your needs.
  • Time – This means how long you spend working out. In most cases, cardio workouts start at 20 or 25 minutes. You can add a few minutes every week to see progress without working that much harder.
  • Type – This refers to the type of exercise, like running, walking, or cycling. Starting with things you enjoy is essential but mixing it up will keep you more engaged.

As you work out using these principles, you will see changes in your endurance, weight, strength, and body fat. When your body gets used to the current workout, you can adjust it in any of the four ways to make the workout more successful.

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